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Power Rankings: Supernatural - Best Characters

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

*Belts out Carry On My Wayward Son*

We're breaking down the top 10 best characters from the 15 seasons of Supernatural.


Character: Sheriff Jody Mills

Bio: A sheriff in Sioux Falls, Jody Mills witnessed her dead 10 year old son come back to life and kill her husband. This would cripple even the strongest of people, but not Jody. She would team up with someone she viewed as a menace (Bobby Singer) and the Winchesters to save the town from zombies. This would be the start of a very close relationship between Jody and the Winchesters where she would take up the mantle as a mother figure to the boys.

Why we love them: When Jody joined the family back in 2010 she added that parental figure that had been missing from the show for a while. She had the perfect temperament to balance out the Winchesters and always had quick responses to their push back. Even though her stand-alone show attempt fell flat, we will always have a place in our heart for Sheriff Jody Mills.

Best Moment:


Character: Chuck Shurley A.K.A. God

Bio: Chuck Shurley is a well-known author of the popular book series Supernatural. His books have garnered a massive fan following, creating many super fans like Becky Rosen. Shurley's book series seemed to almost perfectly mirror the Winchesters adventure, which seem to be an example of literary genius. Oh and by the way, Chuck is God.

Why we love them: Chuck is an interesting mixed bag of a character. He has more power than any being in the universe, yet seems to play a helpless puppy dog. He might have a short temper and enjoys toying with peoples' lives for his own pleasure, but in the end, he just wants to be loved like the rest of us.

Best Moment:


Character: Charlie Bradbury

Bio: As an employee of Richard Roman Enterprises, Charlie uses her skills as a computer hacker to gain favor with her boss, Dick. While doing a job, she discovers her boss is a leviathan which makes her doubt her sanity. She then encounters the Winchesters and teams up with them to take down Dick and the rest of the Leviathan, setting her off on a path of hunting.

Why we love them: Not only is Charlie skilled as a hacker, but she is also a superb LARPer. She is the perfect personification of nerd and we love her for it. Not only this, but she is also a strong woman that is not afraid to be herself and that is something we can all admire.

Best Moment:


Character: Gabriel A.K.A. Loki A.K.A. The Trickster

Bio: Gabriel is an archangel of many faces. From childhood, he was always the literal forgotten brother that got picked on, so he decided to leave the family business, get a bit of a makeover, and find a career path all his own. Lucky for us, that new career path was in comedy and tomfoolery.

Why we love them: Everybody loves a good joke and Gabriel brought all of them. A bit of an antihero, some of his antics were not beneficial to the Winchesters, but his skill level of trickery was something to admire.

Best Moment:


Character: Lucifer

Bio: From top angel, God's favorite, to getting kicked out of heaven, from king of Hell to trapped in a box, Lucifer is the epitome of "it's not the fall that defines you, it's how you rise up after". An angel scorned, Lucifer uses his powers to reap his revenge against those who burned him.

Why we love them: Even though Lucifer is the definition of evil and baddest of the bad, there is something quite charming about him. When he is in play everyone needs to stay on their toes because you never know what he is going to do next or what his agenda is.

Best Moment:


Character: Crowley

Bio: Crowley began as a simple crossroads demon with mommy issues and rose all the way to the throne of Hell. He partnered with anybody that could help him accomplish whatever his goal was. Through mutual benefit, a team up with the Winchesters happened and once they got rid of their mutual enemy, they rubbed off on each other a bit so he stuck around.

Why we love them: There is one in every friend group like Crowley. He is the dick that you don't know why you hang out with him, but somehow completes the group. There are times they piss you off, times they make you cry, and times they make you wee your pants with laughter.

Best Moment:


Character: Bobby Singer

Bio: Bobby was dealt a real poor hand from an early age in life. He somehow was able to climb out of an abusive childhood into a beautiful relationship with his wife, Karen, only for her to become possessed by a demon, forcing him to kill her. This led him down a path to becoming one of the most respected hunters in the United States. Through this career, he met John Winchester and in turn, Sam and Dean. Upon Johns death, Bobby picked up the father mantel for the boys and helped them grow into the men we know and love.

Why we love them: Bobby is like the uncle we wish we had. He might not have the warm touchy-feely side, but he is a great teacher and is always there when you need him. Plus his outstanding vocabulary of "idjits" and "balls" is one to admire.

Best Moment:


Character: Castiel

Bio: Grasped from obscurity, Castiel, or Cass as his friends call him, was sent to Earth to aid the Winchester brothers in taking down many a villain including Lilith, Lucifer, and eventually his own brothers and sisters. Just like the Winchesters, we have lost Cass only to have him brought back by a divine power. Ultimately, he becomes their secret weapon and ass-saver when times got tough.

Why we love them: Cass is like a newborn baby learning what it is to be human. His lack of movie knowledge or inability to enjoy food made all of those encounters alongside Dean that much more enjoyable. It was almost our own way of experiencing the discovery of things that we take for granted in our own lives.

Best Moment:


Character: Sam Winchester

Bio: Son of John and Mary, younger brother of Dean, Sam is the sensitive one in the family. After losing his mother to a demon as a baby and seeing his father and brother get consumed by hunting, Sam wanted out. Once he became old enough, he went off to college only to be dragged back in by the disappearance of his father and murder of his girlfriend. Sam is a valuable member of the Winchester team and is the brains to Deans brawn in the operation.

Why we love them: Sam is one for the ladies. He has a kind and gentle heart and is always thinking about others before himself. Sometimes he lets his emotions get the best of him, but for all the right reasons. Plus, have you seen him? I mean come on, gorgeous.

Best Moment:


Character: Dean Winchester

Bio: Hunter from a young age, Dean grew up in the business learning from some of the best hunters around. With a family first mentality and a do whatever it takes attitude, Dean quickly rises through the ranks to become one of the most well-respected hunters in the Americas. Due to this, Dean is a little rough around the edges when it comes to people skills, but that is something he is willing to sacrifice as long as it saves lives.

Why we love them: Dean is a guy's guy, a heartthrob, a teddy bear in a tough shell. He has exquisite taste in music, a badass car, and really loves his pie, but who doesn't? He might try to act tough, but Dean is a lover and he just wants to share his love with the world.

Best Moment:

Honorable Mention

Character: Baby

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner!

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