“Round up the usual suspects.” Casablanca (1942)

We are Jedis. We are Wizards. We are Avengers. We are Time Lords. We are Tributes. We are the Knights Watch. We are Ship It Studios.


Ship It Studios is a content company dedicated to providing the world’s biggest fans with the content they deserve. We revisit your favorite movies and TV shows through reviews, debates, power rankings, and fantasy drafts.





Are you interested in podcasting? We're currently scouting new podcasting talent to add to our network through our new Ship It Studios Podcasting Training Program!


Never podcasted before? Don't worry! We will work with you to learn all of the major aspects when it comes to building a great show. If you're selected we will also send out the necessary equipment to start recording!


Our goal is to train and onboard new talent as part of our growing team. This program allows creators to focus on creating, instead of all of the additional tasks that are tied to building a show. It also allows us to expand our content library and grow our overall listener reach across our entire network. 

There are two different types of creators that have had success as part of this program.

  • New Talent - These are people that have an idea that they are passionate about, but have never podcasted before. We will work with them on learning best practices around using sound equipment, episode mapping, editing, marketing, etc.  

  • Seasoned Podcaster - These are individuals that have experience working on a podcast, but don't have the time or resources to handle all of the extra tasks that are tied to growing a show. These creators will join our network so that they can focus on their show and we can help provide support with some of the extra workload. They may benefit from offloading a few tasks, or even learning new skill sets based on our team's expertise.

Costs & Reimbursement

There are no costs on behalf of the creator. If we're working with a new creator we will work on building up a show from scratch. We handle all of the branding, marketing, and hosting that is tied to the launch. We do not offer any set reimbursement for creators as part of this program, but every creator that is active within our network will receive a percentage of any funds that are secured through any brand partnership deals.

What you will learn

  1. Research & Episode Mapping​

  2. Guest Booking & Interviewing

  3. Brand Development

  4. Soundproofing & Microphone Placement

  5. Editing

  6. Social Media Marketing & Episode Promotion

If you're interested in learning more about this growing medium please fill out the form below. 

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