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Deep Dive - Men In Black 3


We polled our entire team and ranked every Men In Black film across six categories. We weighted each category based on their overall value to the success of the movie.

  • Plot - 25%

  • Character Development - 20%

  • Villain - 20%

  • Action - 12.5%

  • Intangibles - 12.5%

  • Supporting Cast - 10%


Film: Men In Black 3

Release Date: May 25, 2012


  • IMDB: 6.8/10

  • Rotten Tomato - TOMATOMETER: 68%

  • Rotten Tomato - Audience: 70%

Box Office

  • Opening Weekend: $54,592,779

  • Gross US: $179,020,854

  • Gross Worldwide: $624,026,776



Synopsis: Agent J travels in time to M.I.B.'s early days in 1969 to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K and changing history.

Analysis: Men in Black gave us a creative idea, great characters, and a fun story line. Men in Black 2 gave us a regurgitated story relying on characters we already loved. Men in Black 3 put a whole new twist on that same world. Between a new style of bad guy and time travel back to a different era of Men in Black, this movie shed new light on the alien police force we love.

Grade: 7.4/10

Character Development

Analysis: You would think a third movie using the same two main characters doing the same job would not have much room for more character development, but that was not the case. By creating a back story for Agent K and answering some questions we didn't even know we had about the pasts of K and J, the result was both enjoyable and educating.

Grade: 6.3/10


Name: Boris The Animal

Bio: An Intergalactic criminal complete with a villain nickname, manic personality, sweet head of hair, and a useful sidekick/pet in Weasel. Not only that, but he escapes from a supermax prison on the Moon and can time jump.

Evil Plan: Boris is the definition of learning from your mistakes. In 1969, not only does he slip up and get caught, but he also loses his hand in the process. He spends the next 43 years devising a plan to escape and travel back in time to fix his mistake and prevent the destruction of the rest of his race.

Analysis: Boris gives Edgar The Bug from the original MIB a run for his money as the best villain in the franchise. I love his 70's look, monotone personality, and sick nickname. All that said, his minimal back story and lack of real depth behind the reasoning for his actions detracts from him being among the all-time great alien movie villains. This follows along the similar footprint created in Men in Black films where the concept outweighs the actual depth of the character.

Grade: 6.9/10

Supporting Cast

When I Left You I Was But The Learner, Now I Am The Master

K Defying Lotion

New Boss Who Dis...

Agent O My

Cake Boss

Luke Cage - Bulletproof, Not Borisproof


Analysis: With time travel comes a whole new set of characters and not just a new set of aliens like we have seen in the past. We got the perfect third wheel to our dynamic duo that not only complimented their relationship, but created depth to our storyline. We also got to meet a younger and more laid back K that created a different dynamic in their relationship. With these two additions there were also some subtractions in the form of less bizarre and over-the-top aliens. There was more of a focus on human side characters and their relationships to the story instead of the comic relief of wild and crazy extra terrestrials. Both decisions were quality choices that created a more pleasing cinematic experience.

Grade: 7.1/10


Best Fight:

Analysis: No giant alien to fight this time, just mono a mono. Most of the action is close range which makes for tenser fights and a better seat to watch it all go down. This is the first time we really get to see some quality action that does not solely rely on massive space guns. Throw in a few neat tricks with some time travel and we get a visual pleasing final battle that does this movie justice. Well done boys, or should I say Black.

Grade: 7.4/10


Analysis: Time travel and a character that can see infinite realities...did we just watch Avengers: Endgame? Doctor Stra-- I mean Griffin had many of the funniest and most heartwarming moments as he peered into alternative timelines. His character was a very pleasant surprise. Another thing that MIB 3 has that MIB 2 does not is a killer theme song. Pitbull got the call and he answered with a banger, as Mr. Worldwide always does. It was also a nice touch that the movie included Love Is Strange, the song that Back in Time samples, in one of the scenes from 1969.

Grade: 7.2/10

Best Moments

I should grab my plate

When Harry met Sally

Final Score

Analysis: Even though MIB 3 did not mach the success and quality that Men in Black brought us, it was still a step back in the right direction after the flop from MIB 2. The ship has been righted and the writers have proven that they can create a new story and different style of adventure for our two favorite agents in black to go on. This trilogy was also brought full circle after giving us depth and back story to Agent K's journey as well as a mini origin story to Agent J. If we never get to see our favorite Men in Black in action again, this was a satisfying conclusion that did themselves and all of us justice.

Grade: 7/10

Image Credits: Columbia


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