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Power Rankings: Best Under the Radar Shows to Binge-Watch During Isolation

We're sure with everything going on in the world that people are starting to get a bit stir crazy. A good show is the perfect way to pass the time and keep your sanity during a little isolation. That's why we're breaking down ten amazing shows to catch up on during this crazy time.



Show: The Expanse

Streaming Service: Amazon

Genre: Sci-Fi

Plot: A police detective in the asteroid belt, the first officer of an interplanetary ice freighter, and an earth-bound United Nations executive slowly discover a vast conspiracy that threatens the Earth's rebellious colony on the asteroid belt.

Best Character: Chrisjen Avasarala

Why We Love It: Outer Space isn't cool. You wanna know what's cool? Inner Space. There are plenty of shows out there that tackle the mysteries of Deep Space. This show definitely resonates with fans because of its prime focus on how human culture would adapt to expanding within our own galaxy.



Show: The Newsroom

Streaming Service: HBO

Genre: Political Drama

Plot: A newsroom undergoes some changes in its workings and morals as a new team is brought in, bringing unexpected results for its existing news anchor.

Best Character: Charlie Skinner

Why We Love It: This one is a bit of a throwback, but the combination of Aaron Sorkin and Politics usually works out well. In a divided country fueled by "Fake News", this show is arguably even more relevant today compared to when it initially aired.



Show: Hart of Dixie

Streaming Service: Netflix

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Plot: New Yorker and new doctor Zoe Hart accepts an offer from a stranger, Dr. Harley Wilkes, to work in his medical practice in Bluebell, Alabama. She arrives to find he has died and left half the practice to her in his will.

Best Character: Wade Kinsella

Why We Love It: Sometimes you just need to throw a show on in the background that'll put you in a good mood. This show definitely fits that mold. It gives you the perfect mix of laughs and feels all while not taking itself too seriously.



Show: Black Sails

Streaming Service: Hulu

Genre: Adventure, Drama

Plot: Follows Captain Flint and his pirates twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel "Treasure Island."

Best Character: Rackham

Why We Love It: Outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise (well, the first one), there is a serious lack of good content out there focused on the subject. That's where Black Sails comes in. We'll be honest, a few of the seasons drag a bit in the middle, but they certainly make up for it with their epic season finales and rich roster of characters.



Show: Suits

Streaming Service: Amazon

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Plot: On the run from a drug deal gone bad, brilliant college dropout Mike Ross, finds himself working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City's best lawyers.

Best Character: Harvey Specter

Why We Love It: It's tough to call a show that's been on the air for 9 seasons underrated, but we feel like Suits is well from mainstream culture. With the exception of Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding. That just goes to show you how passionate the Suits fanbase is to keep this show alive over all this time. At the end of the day, this show is the perfect mix to have on in the background as you're going through your day. Two parts legal-jargon, one part the ultimate bromance, and add a splash of pop-culture references. Shake twice and serve over three cubes of the feels. Now sit back and enjoy the show.



Show: Umbrella Academy

Streaming Service: Netflix

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Plot: A family of former child heroes, now grown apart, must reunite to continue to protect the world.

Best Character: Klaus Hargreeves

Why We Love It: Superheroes are the rage right now if you couldn't tell. This show is adapted straight from a comic-book miniseries written by Gerald Way. Yes, that Gerald Way. The one from My Chemical Romance. The end product is something fans can immediately buy into. This series is the perfect balance of genre-driven action mixed with a quirky-comedy. The creators did a great job at balancing out each of the characters to deliver a well-rounded roster. It's a slow build throughout the first season, but after the finale let's just say that we can't wait for Netflix to roll out Season 2.



Show: Daybreak

Streaming Service: Netflix

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Plot: High school outcast Josh is searching for his missing girlfriend in post apocalyptic Glendale. He's joined by a group of misfits Angelica and his former bully Wesley. On the way they'll face many weird things.

Best Character: Wesley Fists

Why We Love It: *Insert Coronavirus Apocalypse joke here*. You're probably seeing a lot of "Apocalypse-themed" recommendations being thrown around online, but this should be at the top of your list. This show is not only rich with a ton of comedy, but it's packed full of extremely clever style choices that make every episode feel like it's own unique show.



Show: The Haunting of Hill House

Streaming Service: Netflix

Genre: Horror

Plot: Flashing between past and present, a fractured family confronts haunting memories of their old home and the terrifying events that drove them from it.

Best Character: Theodora Crain

Why We Love It: It's rare to see the Horror genre adapted into a series, but this show is the prime example of how it can work. Hill House had some initial traction after its release, but with there only being one season, there is a good chance some people may have missed it. Now is the perfect time to catch up if you're one of those people, especially if you're a horror fan. Season 2 is only a few months away!



Show: Ozark

Streaming Service: Netflix

Genre: Crime, Drama

Plot: A financial adviser drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder money to appease a drug boss.

Best Character: Ruth Langmore

Why We Love It: There are some shows that are so well written that you have no idea what the next scene will bring. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat while you crush episode after episode.



Show: Schitt's Creek

Streaming Service: Netflix

Genre: Comedy

Plot: When rich video-store magnate Johnny Rose and his family suddenly find themselves broke, they are forced to leave their pampered lives to regroup in Schitt's Creek.

Best Character: David Rose. Wait, Alexis Rose. No, Moira. You get the idea. They are all great.

Why We Love It: We've had a pulse on this show for a while, but we can tell that it's gaining traction amongst the general public. Now is your chance to be ahead of this tidal wave so that you're not left up Schitt's Creek being on the outside of an inside joke.

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