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Power Rankings: Disney Songs

There is something special about a Disney song. It's almost impossible to go through your life and avoid them. These are songs that only take a note or two before you find yourself singing along so we thought it was only right to honor the best of the best of these animated classics.

This was a very hard list to make. Do we give respect to the classics? Do we give runway to the recent songs that have won over people's hearts? We tried to rank this list based on which songs evoked the best emotions from people. Which songs immediately make you start tapping your foot, singing, or in some instances a full on choreographed dance? Yes, we're looking at you, Mr. Zak.



Best Villain Song

Song: Be Prepared

Film: The Lion King

Singers: Jeremy Irons

Why We Love It: Everyone loves a great villain song, but they are typically really hard to sing along with. At the end of the day, none cracked the final list, but we had to at least give a villain shoutout. Scar takes this crown by just sneaking in over Ursela and Gaston.


Best "Oh Yeah, That Is A Disney Song" Song

Song: What's This

Film: Nightmare Before Christmas

Singers: Danny Elfman

Why We Love It: Some people might forget that Nightmare Before Christmas is a Disney movie, which would technically make Jack a Disney Princess. This song is an all-time fan favorite, but it's hard to compare it side-by-side with Disney's go-to lineup.


Best Rest of Lion King Soundtrack Song

Song: Hakuma Matata

Film: The Lion King

Singers: Simba (Joseph Williams) ,Timon (Nathan Lane), Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella)

Why We Love It: I Just Can't Wait To Be King could also make a run here. The Lion King is a such a stacked soundtrack that it could power its own top 10 list. At the end of the day, the song's runtime was just a little too short compared to the other greats after you take out the film's cut-in scenes.


Best Disney Rivalry Songs

Song: How Far I'll Go vs Part Of Your World

Film: The Little Mermaid & Moana

Singers: Auli'i Cravalho vs Jodi Benson

Why We Love It: If you think about it, there are a lot of similarities between these two songs. Two young girls wanted to gain independence from their father. One is about going from the sea to the land. The other is about going from the land to the sea.

These songs repeatedly came in neck and neck in our consensus rankings and we found that on each side of the coin, fans were very passionate about their respective pick. We even threw this out on social media to settle the score and it still ended in a dead heat. Is it a New School vs Old School situation? Maybe, we may never know.

So at the end of the day, the line is in the sand. Red Sox vs Yankees. Republican vs Democrat. Toilet Paper facing outward vs Toilet Paper facing inward. #TeamMoana vs #TeamAriel. Choose wisely.


Now for the Top 10:

Song: You're Welcome

Film: Moana

Singers: Dwayne Johnson

Why We Love It: The #10 spot was coveted with so many songs being on the bubble, but what can we say except you're welcome. This song is just an all-around good time, plus, the faster pace of the rap lyrics was a nice change of pace from the rest of the Disney discography. This is reserved only for expert-level Disney singalongs.


Song: Colors of the Wind

Film: Pocahontas

Singers: Irene Bedard

Why We Love It: There are all types of Disney songs. Some are perfect for a group singalong, some fall into the romantic duet category, and others let you get your villain on. This song probably isn't one that you're setting on repeat, but we got to give it credit for being an all-around beautiful song.


Song: I Wont Say I'm In Love

Film: Hercules

Singers: Susan Egan

Why We Love It: Sometimes people just need to bust out a solid ballad. If you find yourself in one of those situations, this song is your cure. Play three times on repeat and call us in the morning if symptoms persist.


Song: I'll Make a Man Out Of You

Film: Mulan

Singers: Multiple Artists

Why We Love It: This song might take the cake for the best ensemble song. You get a few friends together that all know the words and you're in for a treat.


Song: Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Film: The Lion King

Singers: Kristle Edwards, Simba (Joseph Williams), Nala (Sally Dworsky), Timon (Nathan Lane), Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella)

Why We Love It: This song is chock-full of the feels. Romances on the rise. Bromances on the fall. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


Song: Let It Go

Film: Frozen

Singers: Idina Menzel

Why We Love It: You'll typically see this song climb up the ranks of any recent Disney list. Not only did it fully entrench itself into modern pop culture, it helped establish an entirely new generation of Disney Fans.


Song: Under the Sea

Film: The Little Mermaid

Singers: Samuel E. Wright

Why We Love It: This is a classic case of hearing the first few bars of a song and immediately being sucked in.


Song: Be Our Guest

Film: Beauty and the Beast

Singers: Jerry Orbach

Why We Love It: Everyone answers their door by singing this song, right? It's not just me, right?


Song: A Whole New World

Film: Aladdin

Singers: Brad Kane and Lea Salonga

Why We Love It: Do you trust us? If you do, you will come along with us on the magical journey that is this song. This song takes the crown as the greatest Disney duet.


Song: Circle of Life

Film: The Lion King

Singers: Carmen Twillie and Lebo M. John

Why We Love It: All it takes is a sunrise and "DAAAAAAAAA" and you're in. It's game time. It's arguably one of the best opening scenes ever. If you don't believe it, do us a favor. The next time you're in a crowded place, belt out the first few bars of this song and see how many people join in. Our guess is that within 30 seconds you will have a full on a capella performance going on. Someone with a baby is suddenly holding them up in the air. A guy is in the corner doing his best zebra impression. A great time had by all.

Image Credits: Disney


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