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Power Rankings: Game of Thrones - Most Hated Characters

This is the list of our most hated characters. This is not a representation of who is the most evil. These are the characters that infuriate you every time they are on the screen and you're counting down the episodes until they get what they deserve.

*WARNING: This article contains mature content...which comes with the territory in Game of Thrones.

Character: Theon

Bio: Originally from the Iron Islands, Theon was taken in to serve the Starks after Theon's father, Balon Greyjoy, failed in a rebellion against the Iron Throne.

Why We Hate Them: Betrayed the family that took him in and treated him well to impress the family that didn't care about him. Even though his treachery was to get back to his biological family, it's hard to justify turning on the Starks so easily. It was poetic that the #10 spot came down to Theon vs Ramsey. Ramsey didn't have an ounce of goodness in him, but on a certain level, he became a very entertaining character that stole every scene he was in. Theon has tried to make a comeback over the years, but every time he's about to redeem himself he finds a way to screw over one of his own. Maybe he can finally find a way to turn it around in S08, but until that point he's got a long way to go.

Most Evil Moment: Robb showed Theon that he trusted him and considered him a brother. Theon's father only acted like a jerk towards Theon, giving him zero reason to turn on Robb, but he did it anyway.

Karma: "Reek" probably received more than his fair share of karma at the hands of Ramsay. He was tortured and lost his favorite body part. Speaking of Ramsay, you might be wondering why he didn't make our list. While he was plenty evil, Ramsay was always extremely entertaining. Can't say the same for Reek.


Character: Craster

Bio: Craster is a wildling who lives north of the Wall. He lives in a fortified homestead, rather grandly called Craster's Keep, along with his daughters and wives.

Why We Hate Them: When his daughters grow old enough he marries them, and then incestuously fathers new children with them. On top of being gross and abusive, Craster gifts his unwanted male offspring to the White Walkers which they convert into more White Walkers.

Most Evil Moment: Jon witnesses Craster carry his infant son into the woods where he leaves him out in the cold for the White Walkers to scoop up.

Karma: Even though it was against Lord Commander Mormont's wishes, it was nice to see someone give Craster what he deserved. Gilly was able to make it out with her son, so that's one less White Walker!


Character: Robin Arryn

Bio: The son of Jon Arryn and Lysa. After Jon, Lysa, and Petyr Baelish all die, Robin is left as ruler of the Vale.

Why We Hate Them: This kid was 9 when we first saw him in season one still breastfeeding. Disturbing to say the least, but he is also just a spoiled, sheltered, ignorant brat who becomes annoyingly giddy at every prospect of throwing a human through the Moon Door to their death. It's terrifying to think what this kid will grow up to be like.

Most Evil Moment: "Mommy, I want to see the bad man fly", in reference to Tyrion, sums up everything that is wrong with Robin. Killing or attempting to kill a fan-favorite character is an easy way to make it on this list.

Karma: I wonder if he would have jumped out the moon door after his beloved mother's tits if he witnessed her falling.


Character: Viserys Targaryen

Bio: The older brother of Daenerys, Viserys plans to use a union with the Dothraki army to reclaim the Iron Throne that his father, the Mad King, lost.

Why We Hate Them: Viserys doesn't act like the older sibling. He is kicking and screaming the whole way while building the relationship with the Dothraki. The way he treats Daenerys is despicable. He said he would let all 40,000 Dothraki and their horses have their way with her if that's what it took for him to sit on the throne. Tried to steal the dragon eggs after he became jelly that everyone likes and respects Daenerys way more than him. Dragons are supposed to be cool and not, but then again, "he was no dragon".

Most Evil Moment: Threatens to cut Daenerys' baby out of her if he doesn't get what he wants.

Karma: Be careful what you wish for, you might get a golden crown.


Character: Littlefinger

Bio: Petyr Baelish rose from nothing to become Master of Coin through the pimp game. His brothels provided him wealth and intelligence as he gradually rose up the ranks, constantly changing allegiances.

Why We Hate Them: Keep your eyes off of Ned Stark's wife and Ned Stark's daughter, Petyr! He thinks he is sooo much smarter than everyone and can manipulate his way to the top. Littlefinger has no honor, no loyalty, and you can't trust him as far as you can throw him.

Most Evil Moment: Petyr loved Catelyn Stark and said he cared for Sansa, but still sold her off to the Bolton's when he fully knew how insane and diabolical Ramsay was. Any chance for redemption for Petyr vanished in this moment.

Karma: Luckily, the Stark girls didn't allow Littlefinger to turn them against each other.


Character: Alliser Thorne

Bio: A member of the Night's Watch who is responsible for training the new recruits at Castle Black. Thorne would eventually lose in a vote to Jon Snow for the position of Lord Commander. Led a mutiny against Snow when he disagreed with the Lord Commander's decisions.

Why We Hate Them: It was so frustrating to see Jon Snow come up with ways to improve the Night's Watch and help their cause, only for Alliser to undermine him at every turn for stupid, outdated reasons. Leading the killing of Jon solidified Alliser's spot high on this list.

Most Evil Moment: Even though Jon didn't stay dead for long, you don't get a pass for killing Jon Snow.

Karma: He fought. He lost. Now he rests.


Character: Cersei

Bio: There's a lot to unpack here. Let's see, Queen to the late King Robert Baratheon, with whom she had one child that died very young. Gets it on with her twin brother, Jaime, and they had three children together, who are all now dead, but now she is pregnant with a fourth. Cersei is as power-hungry as they come and will do anything to protect and advance her family, except for her other brother, Tyrion, who she hates with a passion. Currently sits on the Iron Throne as of the end of season 7.

Why We Hate Them: She enables Joffrey's behavior early in the show, treats fan-favorite Tyrion like dirt, and won't hesitate to stab anyone in the back that isn't named Lannister (except for Tyrion of course). Cersei could easily be higher on this list, but you have to have a certain level of respect for someone that is always one move ahead, especially in this game.

Most Evil Moment: She's tried to kill her brother, Tyrion, on multiple occasions because she blames him for their mother's death that occurred when she gave birth to him. Harsh. This sounds like a Dr. Phil episode.

Karma: Cersei's plan to give the High Sparrow power to covertly harm the Tyrells blew up in her face and put her through a lot of torment.


Character: High Sparrow

Bio: Leader of the Sparrows, a religious sect that was allowed to bring back the Faith Militant, giving the High Sparrow a great deal of power.

Why We Hate Them: The episodes where the High Sparrow reigned were so frustrating because every other character felt helpless against the words of this old man. Usually in this world, if someone has an issue with anyone, they can go up to them and hit them, stab them, challenge them to a duel, but the inability to take any action against the Sparrows is just irritating. This guy acted way too high and mighty.

Most Evil Moment: The walk of atonement was severe, even as punishment for Cersei. If you can make us feel bad for Cersei, you are certifiably evil.

Karma: The High Sparrow made the mistake of pushing Cersei too far and underestimating her ruthlessness.


Character: Joffrey

Bio: Was thought to be the oldest living son of King Robert Baratheon and heir to the thrown, but a DNA test on an episode of Maury revealed Joffrey is actually a product of Cersei and her brother Jaime. However, Ned Stark spoiled the results of the episode and Joffrey had him killed for it. The blonde-haired spaz continued to rule until someone finally gathered the courage to take him out the old-fashioned way.

Why We Hate Them: One of our first impressions of Joffrey was when he acted like a pompous little bully, resulting in Lady, Sansa's direwolf, being killed. Mycah, Arya's friend and the butcher's boy, was also killed as a result, but a dog? That's unforgivable. Joffrey acted like a big, tough king, but didn't swing the sword himself when sentencing Ned Stark to die and ran from the only battle he was near.

Most Evil Moment: Joffrey is that guy who has to take everything multiple steps too far. It wasn't enough to have Ned Stark executed, Joffrey had to have his head put on a spike and forced Sansa to stare directly at it. Cold-blooded.

Karma: Joffrey enjoyed poking fun at his uncle Tyrion over the years, so it was only fitting that he choked on his words doing just that. Although it wasn't Tyrion who poisoned him, this was a proper send-off that had fans everywhere rejoicing.

No one could wait for the annoying, cowardly, incest-born king to be gone, so you might be wondering why he isn't number one on our list. Well, what we can say for Joffrey, but not our number one character, is that he provided brief moments of entertainment for us, such as his interactions with Tyrion and produced memes the internet will cherish forever.


Character: Walder Frey

Bio: The Lord of Riverrun, Frey controlled strategically important lands due to the crossing points of the rivers. He has married many times and has many children. Not the most pleasant man.

Why We Hate Them: Walder butchered the Starks because he was butthurt that Robb decided not to marry one of his daughters, even though they went to him and tried to make it right. He was always a rude prick when most other evil characters at least showed some level of common courtesy. The slimiest weasel in a show full of slimy weasels. Not only is he evil, but he is also boring, just sitting in his chair all time, judging people and complaining. That is what truly sets him apart from every other hated character, even Joffrey.

Most Evil Moment: Smiling and sipping wine as the massacre of the Red Wedding unfolds. Walder doesn't even bat an eye when Catelyn put a knife to his wife's throat.

Karma: Who wants some Frey pie?

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