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Power Rankings: Game of Thrones - Most Loved Characters

Character: Hodor

Bio: Hodor

Why We Love Them: Hodor

Best Moment: I am Groot. Wait, I mean Hodor.

Fun Fact: Speaks 12 languages.


Character: Samwell Tarly

Bio: Samwell started his career as a steward in the Night's Watch and completed his MBA at Citadel University. In his free time, he loves long winter walks with his best friend, Jon Snow. His hobbies include collecting Dragonglass and spending time with his lady, Gilly, and her son Sam.

Why We Love Them: Knows his limitations as a fighter, but that doesn't stop Samwell from finding ways to be helpful. His role in the discovery and understanding of dragonglass is paramount in the war against the White Walkers. Being such a gentle soul in a cold, brutal world makes him lovable as well.

Best Moment: This guy killing a White Walker was a major victory for underdogs everywhere.

Fun Fact: Has the ability to use Jedi mind tricks, as seen in the below gif. If you listen carefully to that scene, you can hear Samwell say "this is not the human you are looking for".


Character: Brienne of Tarth

Bio: Dreamed of becoming a knight, no matter what the haters said. Started out on Renly's Kingsguard. However, she was forced to leave after Renly was killed by a demon, and she pledged her loyalty to the Starks, helping protect them and their interests on many occasions.

Why We Love Them: One of the most honorable characters on the show, Brienne always does everything she can to keep her word. She was loyal to Renly and avenged his death by killing Stannis. Brienne also bested The Hound in one-on-one combat, which is hella impressive. Seeing how happy she was to be knighted by Jaime was one of the most touching moments on the show.

Best Moment: That fight with The Hound though...

Fun Fact: Averaged 8.6 points, 11.1 rebounds, and 2.4 blocks per game as the starting center for the Westeros University Women's Basketball team.


Character: Davos Seaworth

Bio: From the rough streets of Flea Bottom, Davos proved himself as a smuggler and Stannis gave him a shot at the big time. Was a trusted adviser to Stannis until he was killed and began lending his wisdom to Jon Snow.

Why We Love Them: Davos is the guy that isn't technically related, but you call him Uncle Dav anyway. Davos is a man of devotion and honor. He will have your back even if you lose your way. Even though he's short a few fingers, Davos will lend you a hand anytime you are in need.

Best Moment: Is there anything more adorable in this show than the friendship between Stannis' daughter, Shireen, and Davos when she teaches him how to read? That's a rhetorical question.

Fun Fact: His favorite author is Dr. Seuss.


Character: Bronn

Bio: The finest sword money can hire. Wisely seized the opportunity to fight on behalf of Tyrion Lannister and he has been ascending ever since. Bronn made the even wiser decision to not fight on behalf of Tyrion again when it would be against The Mountain.

Why We Love Them: Bronn won't play with your mind. He has no hidden agendas and he won't stab you in the back. Rather, he would tell you to your face if he's going to stab you and do it like a man. He also provides very blunt yet sage advice. Keeping it real 24/7.

Best Moment: Launching the arrow that set the wildfire ablaze at the Battle of the Blackwater, lighting up Stannis' fleet and earning Bronn his famous nickname. Minimum effort, maximum damage. That's what Ser Bronn of the Blackwater is all about.

Fun Fact: Sings at local pubs on the weekends to earn extra cash.


Character: Tormund

Bio: A real man's man who lives by his own rules. Tormund rejects your king and chooses to live as a free man among the wildlings, until a man named Jon Snow comes along and they start a bromance for the ages. Although he won't hesitate to kill a man, there is also a softer side to Tormund.

Why We Love Them: Tormund is the kind of friend who you're so close with, that nothing is off limits when you berate each other, lovingly of course. Will poke fun at your small pecker, but you know he will have your back in any fight, any time, any place, against anyone. He was the key to rallying the wildlings behind Jon Snow, something Mance Rayder refused to do.

Best Moment: Beating The Lord of Bones to death after he is insulted for joining forces with Jon Snow. BFF status. Tormund also might have been the best part of season 8. The man was on a heater each time he appeared.

Fun Fact: Just signed a deal to become the latest Got Milk? spokesperson.


Character: Daenerys Targaryen

Bio: Started from the bottom. Overcame a bratty, deranged brother and the tragic loss of her husband and unborn child to build a powerful army from nothing. Well, nothing but 3 of the most rare and mighty creatures in the world.

Why We Love Them: Does one small incident of burning a city of innocent people alive undo 7 seasons of being awesome? Come on, that would be harsh. Does it knock you down a few spots in our rankings? I mean, she burnt a city of innocent people alive for basically no reason...

Best Moment: For a while, all Daenerys had were her 3 young dragons and a few loyal followers. That all changed when she agreed to trade one of her dragons to Kraznys for the Unsullied army he trained. The look on Kraznys' face when he realized Dany speaks Valyrian was priceless. Daenerys finally got her army, got to keep all of her dragons, and freed countless slaves while punishing the slavers. Dany played this to perfection.

Fun Fact: Although she loves her dragons, Dany is more of a cat person.


Character: Jon Snow...or should we say Aegon Targaryen?

Bio: One minute he's a bastard, the next he's the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. He's dead one minute, and alive the next. Make up your mind dude.

Why We Love Them: Jon carried on as the moral compass of the show ever since Ned Stark was killed. When everything else is going insane, Jon remains our constant. That traditional hero in a show full of unconventional characters and devastating turns in the story. Jon is the comfort food of GOT characters. He is our mac and cheese.

Best Moment: Killing a White Walker at Hardhome. This was also the moment we learned that Valyrian steel can kill White Walkers and produced one of the best GIFs in the show's history. Just look at their faces when their swords collide.

Fun Fact: Once was a contestant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, but missed the $100 question, proving Jon Snow truly knows nothing.


Character: Tyrion

Bio: Judge him by his size, do you? Despite being small in stature, the youngest Lannister continually proves his worth with his mind and wit. Excels at drinking and storytelling.

Why We Love Them: He drinks and he knows things, which would make him perfect for your trivia team. If you had the opportunity to hang out with one character, you would clearly want it to be Tyrion. From his countless memorable quips to slapping around Joffrey, Tyrion has given us some of the shows most fun moments. He also is one of the most important characters for his strategic prowess.

Best Moment: Not only did Tyrion murder his father, he murdered his father while he was in the privy. A fittingly undignified end for Tywin who made Tyrion feel less than human his entire life. This was also right after Tyrion killed Shae, the woman he loved, with his own hands after being put through a tormenting trial. Peter Dinklage was phenomenal in these scenes that added many more layers to the character.

Fun Fact: Is working on his own brand of wine called Imp-ossible.


Character: Arya

Bio: A child prodigy who trained to be an assassin under the tutelage of Syrio Forel and Jaqen H'ghar. Arya would much rather get Hot Wheels with her Happy Meal than Barbies.

Why We Love Them: Even at a young age, Arya was always fearless and eager to improve her combat skills. Being nearby for many of her family's tragic deaths filled her with motivation and she never quits or loses sight of her goals. Arya wouldn't even let the Many-Faced God stand in her way. She continually looks death in the eye and says "not today". She is badassery personified.

Best Moment: For a while, Arya's best moment was claiming revenge for all the Starks by feeding Walder Frey his sons just before killing him and the rest of his worthless family. Even though that moment of revenge was sweet, killing the Night King and single-handedly wiping out the entire army of the dead might be a slightly bigger deal in the grand scheme of things.

Fun Fact: Reigning champion of the Westeros Halloween costume contest.

Image Credits: Warner Brothers


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