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Something From Nothing: You Got Monsters In My Podcast

Author Matt Betts sits down with talented creators to discuss the background and inspirations behind the content that we all love.

Episode 4 - You Got Monsters In My Podcast

Interview #1 (1 Minute Mark)

Interview with Joe Crowe

Link: https://revolutionsf.com

Bio: Owner of SFRevolutions, Director of the North American Classics Track of Dragon Con.

Interview #2 (1 Minute Mark)

Interview with Michael Arnzen

Link: https://gorelets.com

Bio: Michael A. Arnzen is a horror author and writer of the Bram Stoker Award-winning novel, Grave Markings (Dell Books). He won his second Bram Stoker Award for his newsletter (The Goreletter) and his third for his poetry collection, Freakcidents.

Now for the episode...

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