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“There's no place like home.” The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Small businesses help give our hometowns their distinct identity. They make us proud to call where we live our home. That's why we want to pay tribute to some of those amazing small businesses, especially given the current circumstances. We're dedicating a Small Business Featurette Profile on our upcoming episodes to locally owned businesses that deserve some extra love. On this Featurette, we will highlight how your business got started, what you offer, and what sets it apart. We may even incorporate interviews with the owners themselves.

Do you own or operate a locally owned small business? Does your business have the ability to deliver products and services to people all over the world through a website or eCommerce store? If so, we want to hear from you! If your business is selected we will cover a profile story around your business and what sets it apart on one of our episodes.

Podcasting has turned into an extremely powerful marketing medium that allows companies to build strong and long-lasting relationships with potential customers. We want to use this platform to help highlight the businesses that deserve it the most. The 'The Ship It Podcast | A Tribute to TV & Film', is nationally ranked in 30 countries and was recently named a Top 50 Podcast to subscribe to in 2020 by Feedspot.


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