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Deep Dive - MCU: Captain America: Civil War


We polled our entire team and ranked every MCU film across six categories. We weighted each category based on their overall value to the success of the movie.

  • Plot - 25%

  • Character Development - 20%

  • Villain - 20%

  • Action - 12.5%

  • Intangibles - 12.5%

  • Supporting Cast - 10%


Film: Captain America: Civil War

Release Date: May 6, 2016


  • IMDB: 7.8/10

  • Rotten Tomato - TOMATOMETER: 91%

  • Rotten Tomato - Audience: 89%

Box Office

  • Budget: $170,000,000

  • Opening Weekend: $94,320,883

  • Gross US: $333,176,600

  • Gross Worldwide: $774,176,600



Synopsis: Political involvement in the Avengers' affairs causes a rift between Captain America and Iron Man.

Analysis: One of the most thought-provoking superhero stories we've ever seen on the big screen that really gets into real world consequences of superheroes' actions. The Russos did a great job telling this in a way that you can see the validity of both sides and had fans truly split between #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan. Some of our friendships still haven't recovered.

Grade: 9.5/10

Character Development

Analysis: Even though there are a lot of characters involved, this is Cap's movie, so we're looking mostly at his character development. It was clear to him what he was in his first movie, then he questioned everything when having to adapt to a different world in Winter Soldier, now Steve has to stand up to his closest allies to maintain his principles and protect his lifelong friend. Civil War is an emotional roller coaster that tests just how far Captain America will go to fight for his beliefs, which we find out is all the way. That's the Cap we know and love.

Grade: 8.5/10


Name: Helmut Zemo

Bio: Sokovian citizen who lost his family in the destruction caused by the Avengers.

Evil Plan: Make the Avengers hate each other by revealing that Bucky killed Tony's parents.

Analysis: It took a lot of effort to get the information he needed and to get all the pieces in place just to reveal that VHS tape. You have to respect this guy's persistence. Zemo's plan mostly did what he intended, so he was more successful than most other MCU villains.

Grade: 8.5/10

Supporting Cast

Gym Selfie

Iron Boy

I Plead The Fif


Black Widow by Iggy Azalea

Fly Like A Falcon

Shot Through The Heart, And You're To Blame

When I Come Back Like Jordan, Wearing the 4-5, It Ain't To Play Games With You

The Vision Collection at J.C. Penny

Oops!... I Did It Again

Honey, I Blew Up The Kid

Tobey Garfield

Meet The Carters

Analysis: This is an unprecedented cast for a "solo" movie. In addition to all of the returning heavy hitters, this is the film that introduced us to Black Panther and Spider-Man in the MCU.

Grade: 9/10


Analysis: It could only be the airport scene, but the end fight deserves some recognition as well. There is great action throughout the movie with so much emotion and stakes in every conflict.

Grade: 9.5/10


Analysis: We hate seeing our favorite heroes fight each other, but the action is so amazing that we can't help but nerd out and enjoy every second of it. We've grown so close to Steve and Tony over several years and movies at this point, so Marvel is able to use that against us and really hit us square in the feels. KO.

Grade: 9/10

Best Moments

Comic Pages Come To Life

Final Score

Analysis: There's a reason this film is often referred to as "Avengers 2.5". There are so many characters involved, but this also acts as the perfect cap on Cap's trilogy. It's safe to say the Russo's did justice to one of the most iconic comic book storylines in this adaptation. Even if you aren't a comic book fanatic, this movie is thoroughly enjoyable and one of the MCU's very best.

Grade: 8.99/10

Image Credits: Disney


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