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Deep Dive - MCU: Captain Marvel


We polled our entire team and ranked every MCU film across six categories. We weighted each category based on their overall value to the success of the movie.

  • Plot - 25%

  • Character Development - 20%

  • Villain - 20%

  • Action - 12.5%

  • Intangibles - 12.5%

  • Supporting Cast - 10%


Film: Captain Marvel

Release Date: March 8, 2019


  • IMDB: 7.1/10

  • Rotten Tomato - TOMATOMETER: 78%

  • Rotten Tomato - Audience: 56%

Box Office

  • Opening Weekend: $153,433,423

  • Gross US: $404,261,138

  • Gross Worldwide: $1,092,938,084



Synopsis: Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

Analysis: This film was packed full of flashbacks. She fell a lot. She got back up. It wasn't exactly Marvel's smoothest plot from start to finish, but they incorporated enough enjoyable scenes to get fans interested.

Grade: 6.55/10

Character Development

Analysis: Amnesia is a tough plot point to build character development off. Does the actual character develop, or are they just getting back to where they started? It also felt a little rushed when she discovered her new abilities, which shouldn't be the case for an origin film. That being said, she still came out on top as what looks like the Mightiest Avenger.

Grade: 6.95/10


Name: Yon-Rogg

Bio: Yon-Rogg is a Kree Empire commander and the leader of Starforce, with a devout loyalty to the Supreme Intelligence and the Kree ideologies.

Evil Plan: In 1995, at the height of the Kree-Skrull War, the Starforce had cornered the last of the Skrull population, including Talos, to C-53. When Vers learned of her origins on C-53, Yon-Rogg was authorized by Ronan the Accuser to capture her.

Analysis: Was Yon-Rogg truly evil, or just following orders? Well, we don't really care. It was still fun to see Carol knock him down a few pegs at the end of the movie.

Grade: 6.05/10

Supporting Cast


Rogaine: For Men

Stranger Danger

Super Smart

Human Goose

Brie Larson's Stylist

Captain Bigglesworth

Analysis: The supporting cast was probably one of the best aspects of the film. We saw a few familiar faces with Coulson and Fury, and new characters like Talos fit into the story nicely. Fans were even treated to a love-able feline that stole the show.

Grade: 7.25/10


Best Fight:

Analysis: This film had some action sequences that were spaced out nicely over the film. Our favorite scene has to be the battle on the ship with No Doubt's "Just A Girl" overlaying the scene. We could only find a crappy theater cam version of the scene on Youtube that we won't make you sit through. Instead, we plugged in a fun fan made trailer using the same song.

Grade: 6.75/10


Analysis: Samuel L. Jackson and Larson had great chemistry in this movie. That shouldn't come as a surprised considering they've now co-starred in three films together (Kong: Skull Island, Captain Marvel, and Larson's directorial debut Unicorn Store). We are deducting a few points on what we consider a missed opportunity with the soundtrack. There were a few 90's songs that made their way into the film, but how can you not have a loaded soundtrack for a 90's period piece? Green Day? Beastie Boys? Whitney? Give us something more than No Doubt. Generation Xers left the theater dreaming about what could have been nostalgia gold.

Grade: 7.25/10

Best Moments

Final Score

Analysis: This has been such a polarizing release by the MCU. Larson hasn't been the best spokesperson under the Marvel umbrella, but the internet campaign to troll the film's Rotten Tomatoes score was completely childish and unnecessary. To combat that, we feel like some people have gone widely to the other end of the spectrum trying to defend it. We feel like this film falls somewhere in the middle. Is it one of Marvel's better origin films? Of course. Does it stand up to other great MCU films like Ragnorak, Winter Soldier, or Black Panther? Not even close.

Grade: 6.71/10

Image Credits: Disney


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